For several months before my 29th birthday, people started talking about the return of Saturn and how my life was about to become a total mess. At the time, my life was already a total mess — I was single, hated my entertainment writing job and had no idea how the hell I was going to get to my dream – making goat cheese, jams, honey and whatever else I could learn to make in a quaint farm… ideally flocked by loving children and a hunky farm-hand. And now, all of my dreams have come true! Just kidding.

In November, I got fired for leaving the word “bullshit” in a quote and since then, I’ve been in a strange job purgatory state. I worked at a wild yeast bakery for awhile, made a shit-ton of jams, goat feta and some kinda awesome food. Instead of landing a job, I realized my passion. And because I can’t imagine going back to writing Kim Kardashian stories all day, I’m going on a food adventure. I’m taking cooking classes, following a caterer around and trying to figure out how to make this passion sustainable. Wish me luck!



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  1. 4/24/2015
    Have you heard of Munchery.com? Check it out. I use it a lot. Perhaps an internship there, working there, learning the protocols, then eventually opening a pop up restaurant. Finally your own place. Munchery has opened facilities in NYC(finally!). Best wishes.

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